Homemade Mosquito Repellent

There are many types of repellents when it comes to the insect world. While most mosquito repellents are true to the word and repulse mosquitoes, there are other types of repellents as well. To name a few, there are masking agents (solutions that cover up what attract mosquitoes), population control (killing the pest) and attracting agents (solutions that you specifically place at a distance to attract mosquitos away from you). We cover all types on this website with some additional requirements; all are either natural or homemade and all are kid and pet friendly.

It is important to know which type of strategy you are using to keep the bugs off you in order to be most effective. For example, if you are making a homemade mosquito repellent from lavender, a well-known solution, it is important to know that lavender is only a masking agent. Masking agents need to be re-applied consistently to keep the pests at bay. Mixing our natural mosquito repellant options along with your homemade mosquito repellent will help increase effectiveness.

Natural mosquito repellents work the same way with repelling, masking, or attracting mosquitoes to a specific area. By definition, natural repellents use no manufactured or altered chemicals in their design. They also have no long term effects if used consistently or in high doses. These repellents are most effective by coupling multiple types of repellents together.

So if it takes this added effort and knowledge, why use natural mosquito repellents or make homemade mosquito repellents? The answer is our solutions are affordable, require little maintenance, and all are kid and pet friendly. For example, if you have planted the proper mosquito repelling plants, set up natural mosquito repelling torches, placed a mosquito trap away from your patio and have a bat house then all you have to do enjoy a mosquito free night is light the torches.

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